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What is the maximum character length in the notes? Is there a limitation ?

Thank you very much for your answer.

  • There is a character limit, yes (it prevents syncing), but the only reports of people hitting it I've ever seen where people who accidentally embedded image code into notes, making them truly gigantic.
    Dan would have to say where it actually is.
    But as long as you're just keeping regular - even very lengthy - notes, you'll be fine.
  • Thank you very much !
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    I have two sets of notes that won't sync with the Zotero server. I'll admit straight away that the notes are large, but I am a bit surprised as extensive note takers would quite easily get to these numbers. One set contains 322,274 characters including spaces and the other set contains 231,146 characters including spaces.

    Is this over the limit, or did I indeed accidentally embed image code or something similar?

    Thanks :-)
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    Synced notes can be 250K characters — this is done for performance reasons, and it's many times the size of most notes. For most people it only comes up in the context of embedded images. For real text beyond that limit, you'll need to split your notes up into multiple notes (which can still be child items of the same parent, of course).
  • Thanks for your reply and suggestion, splitting the notes into two parts is not the most elegant solution but it works fine :-)

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