[solved] Report id: 599062947: Sync error due to large file in trash

My sync suddenly stopped working although when verifying my WebDAV settings it says all settings are set up correctly.

Any ideas what is wrong?

  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that fails?
  • Hi Dan: The Debug ID is D779947440.

    Thanks ahead!
  • Can you restart Zotero and provide another Debug ID for a sync that triggers the error? I don't see an error in that one.
  • Strange then.

    The Debug ID is D14649608

    There is definitely an error, at least shown:

  • OK, that's an HTTP 413 (Request Entity Too Large) error from your WebDAV provider for what looks to be a 686MB file. Copy and paste 'B69K2CWB' (without quotes) into the Zotero search bar to see the file in question.
  • That is very weird but no such file seems to exist and I cannot even remember to have ever added a 600MB file as an attachment.

  • It's in your trash.
  • Thanks a lot Dan!

    I have no idea how that big ISO file jumped into as an attachment.

    It indeed was inside the trash.
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