Ending Google Checkout for Zotero Storage

As of today we are no longer using Google Checkout for new storage subscriptions. If you purchase storage through https://zotero.org/settings/storage your payment will be processed via Stripe, our new credit card processor.

We plan to phase out Google Checkout entirely by November 2013. If you previously purchased a Zotero subscription through Google and are set to auto-renew between now and 20 November, your subscription will still renew one more time via Google. Otherwise you will be reminded to renew via our new checkout process.
  • If you have a minute, I'd be curious as to why, though stripe certainly sounds cool.
  • Mainly because Google is shutting down the service, but we're very happy with Stripe so far by comparison.
  • Who do we contact if our auto renewal did not renew? I can't find a contact address for this problem. Thanks.
  • No auto-renewal from the old payment processor will go through as they stopped processing transactions in November. You'll get several emails leading up to the expiration, but you'll have to go through the checkout process again before auto renewal will work again.
  • Thanks but I did auto renew in November and had actually received a receipt saying that my auto renew went through in November. However, my zotero account is not showing that it did. Is there a contact email address I can send this problem to?
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    storage@digitalscholar.org — though fcheslack may be able to check on this for you directly.
  • Hi - I have the same problem as eamoone. My credit card was charged for renewal, a receipt shows paid in the storage settings, and yet the account storage says it expired and does not show that I have expanded storage. I emailed storage@digitalscholar.org and Sales@digitalscholar.org, but have not yet had a reply. Thanks!
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