Mac with 2013 office

Is it correct that a zotero plugin for office/word 2013 on Mac dosent exist? If so, will this be fixed in the near future or is it a lost cause for all our students now using Office 2013 on their Macs? Best regards Anne Brit (school librarian)
  • I'm pretty sure Zotero's Word for Mac plugin works on Word 2013 for Mac (though can't test atm). Have you tried?
  • I havent tried myself, its just our students who use 2013 and our zoteroclasses havent started yet. I am planning them now and discoverd that the download page said:
    "The latest version of the Mac Word plugin for Zotero 3.0+ is 3.5.7 (compatible with Word 2004-2011.." Nothing about 2013 there, and that made me nervous on behalf of our students and our use of zotero.
  • Microsoft website states that the most recent Word version for Mac is 2011. Word 2013 exists only on Windows.

    I am using Word 2011 on Mac with Zotero and it works well.
  • 2011 on Mac; that explains a lot mronkko! Then I guss there might not be a problem at all. I am hoping to get my hands on a students Mac tomorrow to find out:0)
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