Tablet Files folder and Zotfile

Zotfile added "Tablet Files" and "Tablet Files (modified)" folders to my Library. When I look in the Tablet Files folder, it seems to put all files I have "sent to tablet" there. Once I get the file back from the tablet using Zotfile, this file disappears. However, there is one file in the Tablet Files folder that will not go away. I have tried resending it to the tablet to no avail. The file does not exist on my tablet and if I try to delete it from the Tablet Files folder, it deletes the original from the Library- not good. So how do I get rid of this duplicate file in this folder without deleting it from the Library?? I am using Zotero standalone on a Mac.
  • the file will have a tag "_tablet". Remove that in the tag tab in the right-hand panel.
  • This file does not have any tags- I looked in the tag tab and it has 0 tags.
  • it's almost certainly there - that's how the folder works, it's a saved search for that tag.
    If this is indeed a _file_ rather than a full Zotero item, the tag would be towards the bottom of the right-hand panel, between Related and the Note window.
  • I seem to have fixed this. While the right hand pane under the Tags tab did not have a "_tablet" tag, the lower left pane did show the _tablet tag and I deleted it. This solved the problem. Only thing is, when you do that it deletes the "_tablet" tags for ALL of the files in the folder.
    Thanks for your help!
  • Hello jeffok7, i think i have a solution to your problem (although after 6 years someone might take advantage in the future):

    Go to: Tools>Zotfile Preferences> Unclick= "Rename files when they are sent to tablet".

    (I was having the problem of occuring duplicate files in the tablet base folder. When i tried retrieving files, Zotero was retrieving the untouched file but not the annotated one. And when it did, there was a duplicate file in the drive (onedrive in my case) with a "_" extension. But when i unclicked the "Rename files when they are sent to tablet" there was only 1 file on the tablet passed back and forth.

    Important note: Ofcourse the main document folder is saved in your computer. And you can back it up to a WebDav. I am using a OneDrive account folder to read and a yandex disk to back up my library. (Mainly because the pdf reader i use on my android tablet cannot connect to yandex disk (Xodo Pdf).) But the OneDrive embedded pdf reader can open, annotate, underline -but cannot note- on a pdf file. These can be extracted as annotations, notes and underlined texts by Zotero respectively.
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