Creating an Easy Bibliography in Word without citations

I want to create a simple bibliography in word. However, when I follow the instructions below to drag and drop references into the document, they are not formatted in alphabetical order as a bibliography. Can anyone help? I am not able to use the clipboard function and I do not want to have to cite all the references in order to create the bibliography.

"If you just want to quickly add references to a paper, email, or blog post, Zotero's drag-and-drop Quick Copy is the easiest to go. Simply select items in the center column and drag them into any text field. Zotero will automatically create a formatted bibliography for you. To copy citations instead of references, hold down Shift at the start of the drag. "
  • which style are you using for drag&drop?
  • Also, are you quick-copying/dragging all references at the same time? You can also right-click the references and select create bibliography, though what you describe above should work the same.
  • By style, do you mean citation format?? Would it make a difference. Was using Implementation Science format.

    I am dragging references one at a time as I come across ones I need to request full text for from the library. Right clicking to create a bibliography seems to require that all the references are selected at the same time from the same collection.

    Am I missing something? Have checked the instructions and can't find anything to explain this better.
  • As for the citation style - not all bibliographies sort alphabetically. If you look at an Implementation Science article, references are listed in order of appearance, not alphabetically. That's the case for most styles that just use numbers for in-text citations.

    But even when using a style that does sort alphabetically, if you're dragging references one-by-one they won't sort. Drag&drop just creates plain text citations. They have no link to Zotero and won't sort or otherwise change in any way. My recommendation for what you're doing is to put the references you're now dragging to a word document into a Zotero collection or to tag them and then create the bibliography all at once when you're finished. If you really do want to insert items into a Word doc one-by-one and have a bibliography at the end, use the word plugin:
  • Thanks for your help. That makes sense. Will do.
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