Syncing error: Invalid sync state '4' in Zotero.Item.attachmentSyncState setter

Since today I get the syncing error: "Invalid sync state '4' in Zotero.Item.attachmentSyncState setter" Syncing does not work anymore (automatic and manual syncing).
These are the related debug IDs: 2103962231, 690354763, 626855230

These errors are listed in the window before sending the debug IDs:
[JavaScript Error: "this.docShell is null" {file: "chrome://global/content/bindings/browser.xml" line: 323}]
[JavaScript Error: "this._windows.get(...) is undefined" {file: "resource://unity/observer.js" line: 217}]
[JavaScript Error: "this._windows.get(...) is undefined" {file: "resource://unity/observer.js" line: 217}]
[JavaScript Error: "this._windows.get(...) is undefined" {file: "resource://unity/observer.js" line: 217}]
[JavaScript Error: "this._windows.get(...) is undefined" {file: "resource://unity/observer.js" line: 217}]
[JavaScript Error: "this._windows.get(...) is undefined" {file: "resource://unity/observer.js" line: 217}]
[ABE WAN] Detected WAN IP

What can I do to fix the problem. I found this discussion (, but seemed to be no clear solution to the problem. There it was suggested to Reset File Sync History in the Sync->Reset pane of the Zotero preferences. Is this the right solution? Is this a safe solution?
  • Try the latest 4.0 Branch dev XPI. I believe it should fix this.
  • Oops, I installed most recent the Branch XPI. Then all group libraries were gone and I realized that the CPU usage went up as well as the free disk space increased ("df" on Linux). I stopped it and went back to the release 4.0.12 to be safe. The group libraries are back and it seems nothing was deleted, but syncing (still) does not work.

    Is there a problem with the recent Branch XPI? Is there an alternative solution to my syncing problem?
  • Did you install the 4.0 Branch XPI, or the Trunk XPI? You absolutely don't want to install the latter, but the former should be fine. There are very few differences between the current 4.0.12 and the current 4.0 branch dev XPI.
  • Branch XPI, this one:
  • Can you try it again? I think it's likely that you installed the trunk XPI by accident. The 4.0 branch code is nearly identical to 4.0.12, and there's nothing that would jeopardize your data in any way.
  • (And if there is a problem with the 4.0 branch XPI, we need to fix it before the next release or you'll have the same problem.)
  • I tried again with the Branch XPI (I am quite sure that it was the Branch XPI in the first try, too) and indeed, the group libraries are gone. When I wanted to access a collection in my library, Zotero gave the message that I shall restart Zotero and that I shall create a debugg ID: 1164443408
  • [JavaScript Error: "Localized string not available for general.etAl" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/collectionTreeView.js" line: 85}]
    Oh, that's just because you're on a non-English system. As it notes on the dev builds page, you'll need to temporarily change your Firefox locale to "en-US".
  • edited August 27, 2013
    (After the sync goes through, you can switch back to 4.0.12 and your default locale.)
  • Dan, thanks for your great help. Everything you said worked fine.

    (1) The branch XPI fixed the syncing error
    (2) with the en-US setting, the group libraries showed up also in the branch XPI
    (3) Switching back to 3.0.12 and the de-locale was also possible

    -> Zotero runs fine again (incl. syncing)
  • OK, great. If you still have trouble with hangs, post to that other thread and we can look into it some more.
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