reference list after endnotes

Is there a way Zotero could insert the bibliography (in OOo preferrably) after the endnotes?
When I insert endnotes they are automatically put at the very end of the document. I tried inserting the bibliography after that but it wouldn't let me do it.
But maybe I'm missing something?
Right now, I have to transfer endnotes from automated fields into plain text in order to place them before the bibliography...
  • At the moment I don't think so but I also think that this is a problem with how OO handles endnotes.
    Aren't you probably better off generating a bibliography at the end in the main text and then copying it into your last endnote than killing your endnotes?
  • thanks for the reply, I tried your work-around, but I get a message that Zotero can insert bibliographies only in the main text, so I guess I'm stuck again with my old strategy.
  • Not really - just generate the bibliography anywhere before the endnotes and then copy it.
  • now I get it, thanks again!
  • I use a Mac, and this is what I did:
    I added a "Section Break Continuous" at the end of my text, and a second one before the location where I want my References (not sure if that 2nd one matters though). In Word, click on "Insert" then "Footnote." In the "Location" option, select endnotes to appear "End of section."
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