Thumbnail icons for image file attachments

Hi there,

PDF attachments have this useful pdf thumbnail icon which help to identify a file as PDF especially for longer file names where the file extension sometimes is hidden.


Something similar is missing for image file attachments. These attachments are only displayed through an empty blank page icon.


Is it possible to add meaningful thumbnail icons to image file attachments?


  • There's this patch which, when accepted, will add icons for other types, including this one for image file attachments.
  • The patch proposal looks great. But it is waiting for approval for 4 months now. Not quite sure whether it will be implemented at all.
  • If Dan didn't think the patch would be worthwhile, he'd have said so right from the start. Four month really isn't that long in terms of development cycles, have some patience.
  • Alright, thanks Adam.
  • @adamsmith and what about ten years in terms of development cycles? :D
  • @adamsmith Yeah i would also like to know what the current status of thumbnail view is. There are multiple threads here which ask or wish for a thumbnail view, dating from 2008 to 2023. Wouldn't it be time to finally implement this feature? This would be really awesome and such an enrichment of Zotero! I really hope it can be done soon
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