database errors unfixable

I have Zotero synced to several computers. On one, zotero is very slow. I checked database integrity and it said that there were errors. I did the same thing on the other computers and there are no errors reported. The database is about 6000 items and is about 350m when zipped, so it is too big to upload to the database fix tool. I followed instructions on this forum for fixing the bad database manually using sqlite at the command prompt, but those didn't work.

Since the zotero database has the same items on all of the computers (I believe), it would seem that I should be able to use the database on the good computers to fix the bad database on the one computer.

What is the recommended procedure in this case?
  • A Restore from Zotero Server from the Sync->Reset pane of the Zotero preferences will delete your local database and replace it with the server database.
  • Dan, does that also delete the full text index?
  • Yes, so you'll also want to rebuild the full-text index from the Search pane of the prefs. (The full-text index doesn't currently sync, so technically there's the same problem on any synced computer of only having the files added on that computer indexed. This will be addressed with full-text index syncing in Zotero 4.1 or 4.2.)
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