reading zotero bibtex output in Fidus Writer

I have been programming on Fidus Writer ( ) -- an online academic word processor. We would like to be as compatible with Zotero as possible. For now the best way to do that I found was to allow to import bibtex files output by Zotero.

However, there are some issues with those files. One thing is that the names of months are not in citation marks. That I solved by predefining all month names.

Another issue is that some entries are output like this:


would it not make sense that if you have no fields at all to just skip the entry entirely?
  • yeah, that shouldn't happen. By default Zotero uses the title of an item in the bibtex key and that should never be empty. Can you replicate where the empty items come from, i.e. from what type of Zotero items?

    Not sure I understand the issue with names of months in citation marks? Month should most definitely not be in quotation marks in bibtex - a well written .bst style will format month as needed from standardized input (as provided by Zotero).
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