OS reinstall--where is my library?

After backing up my home directory on an external hard drive, I did a clean install of an upgraded kernel of my OS (ubuntu). I then transferred the home directory back onto my laptop, reinstalled zotero, and now I don't know where my old library and the copious notes I took on journal articles have gone. Help?
  • Zotero data is stored in a 'zotero' subdirectory of your Firefox profile, which by default on Linux is stored within a .mozilla directory in your home directory.
  • thanks for the reply, but when I run locate on zotero under my .mozilla directory, I get a massive amount of output. Can you give me a more specific file that I'm looking for? for example, is it the file with a .sqlite suffix?
  • You need both zotero.sqlite and the 'storage' directory.
  • You should point it to the directory where you find the sqlite-file
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