Deleting several tags at once


I found older forum topics about this subject and I would appreciate to know if recent improvements in Zotero maybe allow now deleting several tags at once.

The problem I am facing is that several papers imported into Zotero created automatic tags and now I want to delete the tags in tag panel, but I have hundreds of them. So far, I could delete just one by one...

  • no, you currently can't delete multiple tags at once.
  • Hi Cadu,

    Not sure if you're still looking for answers, but I'm afraid there's no fast and intuitive way to batch delete tags. However, I encountered a similar problem to yours and used a SQLite editor to clean up the vast majority of my tags.

    This discussion thread may help:

    After working out the SQL editing logistics, I essentially deleted all tags that were added in a certain time range. I had to browse my references to first identify those time ranges, but it wasn't too unwieldy.
  • Any new development on that possible deletion of multiple tags at once? Thanks. Christian
  • Hoping to be able have a way to remove a tag from multiple files.
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