Saved searches and renaming tags

When a saved search contains Tag criteria, such as

Criterion 1. Tag, is, [bla],
Criterion 2. Tag, is not, [bla],

then if the tag [bla] is subsequently renamed, the Tag criteria in the saved search are not updated. In the case of Criterion 1. with AND saved searches or Criterion 2. with OR saved searches the effect is usually fairly obvious (a suddenly completely empty or completely full saved search, respectively), prompting the user to edit and update the saved search. But in other cases it can slip by undetected, by letting slightly more or less items into the saved search.

I suggest, during tag renaming, automatically updating saved searches that use "is" and "is not" Tag criteria.

It's unclear whether it would be desirable to update "contains" and "does not contain" Tag criteria. In principle, I would say no, but there is a potential for confusion here. Many users no doubt interpret "contains" as "the list of tags contains a tag called [criterion text]" instead of "the list of tags contains a tag that contains the phrase [criterion text]".
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