Add-on to use Markdown in Zotero notes!


I just discovered that the firefox addon markdown here works with Zotero Firefox out of the box. With the add-on you can write notes in markdown and seamlessly convert the text between markdown and formated text (html).

Right now, it doesn't work with Zotero standalone. I have started an issue on github that might lead to support. Any developers who want to help make this work should comment on the issue page. I don't think it would be such a big problem if the markdown here developers are interested in supporting Zotero standalone and we work together.
  • Your link to the GitHub issue is incorrect (it points to this thread). Correct link:
  • I have a first version running on Standalone. It's easy to write in markdown, format the text and convert it back. The keyboard shortcut works and there is a little icon to the right of the sync symbol. Below are some example images.

    Here is my fork on github. Note that this is entirely based on Markdown here. Just some modifications to make it work with Zotero standalone.

    Several things don't work though:
    - Preferences (the window opens through Actions->Markdown Options but it's not possible to change anything)
    - Math formulas don't work (maybe only because the preference problem)
    - It does not work in separate note windows
    - It would be nice if the button is placed with the note editing stuff (maybe that would solve the problem with the separate window)
    - shortcuts for bold, italic etc don't work well with the integrated markdown

    I will leave it at that for now but others are welcome to jump in.

    Markdown in Zotero note:

  • neat! Thanks
  • blogged here:
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    This is excellent, I've been wishing for markdown in Zotero for a long time... Thanks! Oh, and thanks @adamsmith for blogging about it and bringing it to my attention. =)
  • Thanks Joscha !
  • I tried Markdown Here (the original version) with Zotero Firefox. The major issue is that it does not work if you edit a note in a separate window (Joscha: I don't know if the limitations you list above are only for Z Standalone).

    Also, don't hope to use the context menu item ("Markdown Toggle") to format your note, TinyMCE's own menu prevents it to appear. But the default keyboard shortcut works well: Ctrl+Alt+M
  • Markdown here is awesome. Can't believe it's true.

  • I know this thread is old, but what about integrating pandoc to Zotero?
    It would allow to export the markdown ( extended with math + code block) to any format (PDF, docx, odt, etc...).
  • Not sure what you have in mind, but integrating pandoc to convert Zotero notes seems rather overkill.
    For writing with Zotero and pandoc there is zotxt and more recently academic markdown.
  • I wrote a small command-line utility that allows creating/editing notes in markdown (and other pandoc-supported markup formats) from the command-line:

    It's not as pretty and well integrated as editing markdown directly in Zotero, but it works well enough for my use case.
  • @JeanMarieStraub, this is a great tool. I'm using TUI/CLI a lot and this zotero-cli thing is amazing. I've all power of my vim/markdown here.
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