citeproc - display and second-field align

I'm trying to add an annotation at the bottom of a numerical style. That means I need new line (soft return) before the annotation _and_ I need second-field align (either set to flush or margin) to work.
Now I can do one or the other:
I can obviously set second-field-align="flush" _or_ I can add
<group display="block">
<text variable="note"/>
at the end of the style, but both don't work.
To be specific, if I either get an error message, e.g. for this style
or the display="block" is simply ineffectual:

The left-margin --> right-inline solution suggested in the specs
also doesn't work: When saving as RTF, this just inserts a tab after the left-margin, there's no second-field align effect. Using the clipboard (linux) I just get a line break after the citation number.

Also: hard-coding a CR into the style using &#10 ; or &#13 ; _does_ work with the clipboard, but the CR is stripped using RTF (and thus the word plugin).

I think this is clearly to some degree a citeproc bug, so a fix would be great, but any (tested) suggestions for workarounds are also appreciated ("tested" because I've already tried about a 15 different things)
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