locators disappear in quick format bar

LO 4.0.x, Zotero 4.0.9, LO plugin 3.5.6, tested on linux and Windows:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Insert a citation to open the quick format bar
2. Select a citation and add a page number, e.g. by typing p. 123 after the citation (but inputting it in the locator field has the same effect, if slightly less confusing.

Behavior: The locator disappears from the quick format bar (though it is still visible in the pop-up triggered by ctrl+down and appears in the citation).
Expected behavior. The locator appears in the quick format bar as in Smith 1776, p. 123
  • also reported https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/31671/mlz-pinpoint-page-numbers-disapper-from-popup-pane-in-ms-word/#Item_3 for MLZ
  • Is a fix coming up? One unfortunate consequence of this problem is that when you insert the wrong pinpoint number, you cannot hit backspace to edit it. After the numbers disappear, hitting the backspace erases the entire citation.
  • edited September 17, 2013
    For what it is worth, I have noticed this error on the Mac as well. Same behavior as described above. Using a colon to specify a page number works, but is invisible in the quick-add pop-up window for more than a second or two after typing it.

    Mac OS: 10.8.4; Word 2011; Plug-in: 3.5.7

    As a further clarification, if you don't "choose" the item, but merely let it be highlighted in the list of potential items that is displayed when using the Word citation plug-in, you can actually see (and edit) the page number you include after inserting the ":". It seems to only happen when you have selected a single item and the menu of items disappears, that the page number will similarly disappear.
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