What do I include on a web page for Zotero to read it

I'm trying to build a framework for web-based independent scholarly publication. In practice, this is a static site generator (Pelican) with a specialized theming and plugins.

What information do I need to put on a web page for Zotero to recognize and be able to import the reference? Is it able to read Open Graph metadata, for example?

Many thanks.
  • See http://www.zotero.org/support/dev/exposing_metadata

    Most publishers tend to go with <meta> tags with Dublin Core and/or Google/Highwire vocabulary, which also helps search engine web crawlers recognize the data on the page. OpenGraph (which is quite limited), PRISM, Bibliontology, and I think a few others are supported as well.

    unAPI can support the richest metadata but perhaps is a bit less straight-forward to set up.
  • Hi Sebastian,

    You may be interested in the pelican plugin included in zot4rst, which allows one to use zotero to generate citations in pelican blogs.


    The documentation is not very useful, but it does work.
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