Feature suggestion: ID Zotero as separate from 'firefox'


This is very very minor feature request/suggestion.
Time trackers like Rescuetime and Manictime allow record and categorize time use based on Window and document name. For Firefox, it will record domains etc. Zotero does not identify itself in most use cases (showing up simply as 'Firefox', ie the same as a blank tab or a dialog box). However it does show up when search filters are applied: so the time I spend while I'm playing round with the results of a search for "Wells" will be reported as simply 'Wells' in Rescuetime. This means that it'd be possible to report Zotero use as something other than 'Firefox'.
I was wondering if it'd be possible/simple to do this in future versions, ie have Zotero announce that it is indeed Zotero, while it's in focus/being used?

Thanks to anyone who reads and considers,
  • are you talking about Zotero STandalone or the Firefox extension?
  • Firefox extension, used as a 'pane' rather than a tab.
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    Zotero for Firefox never "identifies" itself. I don't know where RescueTime is getting the "Wells" from—do you mean a search via the quick search bar or the Advanced Search window?—but it's not something we're doing on purpose. Whatever method RescueTime is using to determine this is likely their own sort of hack. If you can tell us what specifically RescueTime looks for we can consider setting it to an appropriate value, but this isn't something we're going to work on ourselves otherwise.
  • Yep just in the quick-search box on the Zotero toolbar, ie to filter the currently viewed collection.
    Anyway thanks for the response, thought it might have been something simple. Have queried the RT people in case they have anything to add...
  • Thanks guys for your responses, fyi I tracked down why I was seeing Zotero show up: what was being detected was the "create bibliography from items" dialog box, based on a filtered selection. So the dialog box somehow gets the name of the search term, rather than 'firefox' or 'zotero', I guess. Haven't tried the other Zotero dialog boxes to see what they do, but I see now you're right that it wasn't the time spent in the Zotero pane. Ah well.
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