Recursive collections with online library on Zotero site?

I have both my FF plug-in and Zotero standalone set for recursive collections. Should I have recursive collections for my (non-group) online library? I don't. Am I missing something? If local settings for recursive collections settings do not carry up to the online library, I'll write something for the documentation wiki.
  • you're correct, there are no recursive collections online.
  • Thanks. I'll add a sentence about this so that other folks don't wonder why it isn't working. I certainly can accept that this is a design issue.
  • I don't think there's any principled opposition to having this online (though likely with a separate setting, just as it needs to be set for each individual client, and not automatically by syncing), it just doesn't currently exist and I don't think it's going to exist very soon
  • Very old thread, but since the refreshed web library has been released it's perhaps relevant again -- is this likely to be added?
  • +1. It would be cool to be able to use this feature online as well!
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