Journal of Spinal Disorders and Techniques

Can we please create a new citation style for the above-named journal?
Here are the author instructions:

The style appears similar to Vancouver (superscript) except with "et al" after the first three authors, journal titles in italics, and no month in the journal publication date.

Please help or else tell me how to do this myself.

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    Another potential starting point is the AMA style except without the DOI and with "et al" after just three authors.

    EDIT: It appears the journal does indeed reference the American Medical Association Manual of Style (9th edition) for the manuscript style.
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    Nevermind I created this style myself, based on the "American Medical Association (No URL)" style, using the CSL editor here:
    Hope I did it correctly...

    Will this automatically upload and appear in the library?
  • not sure what you mean by "automatically upload and appear in the library" - but the answer is almost definitely no. What are you trying to do? Add it to your list of installed styles or to the general style repository?

    For the former, save the style from the editor - the option is under "Style" on the top left and follow in structions from there.

    For the latter, see
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    Thanks for the feedback. The latter.

    I tried option (B) and I think I created a pull request for this, but I'm not sure I did it correctly, so I went ahead and created a gist as well.
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