url hacking for generated reports

Is there a place that lists all the options that can be controlled in a generated report via appending the url? I see that a more flexible report structure is coming, but I'd like to see what the options are right now.

Thanks very much!
  • From the code:

    * - 'sort' query string variable
    * - format is field[/order] [, field[/order], ...]
    * - order can be 'a' (ascending) or 'd' (descending); defaults to ascending order
    * zotero://report/collection/13245?sort=itemType/d,title
    Default sort is title. Field names are usually lowercase if one word or firstLast if multiple. The full list of fields is in the fields table, defined by system.sql. We'll pull out some common ones and post them on the report documentation page.

    Report sorting is partly broken in 1.0.4, however. In the latest dev builds and the upcoming 1.0.5, ?sort=note is no longer required, as notes will sort as titles like they do in the items list.
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    There are also the two options currently only available via about:config, combineChildItems (to combine sibling child items under their parent) and includeAllChildItems (to automatically include all child items if only parent items are selected).

    These will work better in 1.0.5 as well.
  • I have updated the documentation on reports to include 19 of the most useful examples for changing the sort order.
  • Thank you both!
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