891310233 Error in the database - Please restart firefox

Thank you for such an amazing tool:) It is a dream come true, really:)

I have been receiving this error for a number of times now; which started when I wanted to create an item from a local file. I know that this file could not be saved in the database, however it's still shown in the items list and I cannot delete it. Whenever I try to do so, zotero wants me to restart Firefox, and says the corrupted file is saved in some folder, and the database was retrieved from a saved earlier state.

What can I do to remove this file and get rid of the error messages?

  • Use the DB Repair Tool, and then consider upgrading to Firefox 3, which fixes database instability problems in Firefox 2.
  • Thanks a lot -now I am trying to upload the zipped zotero.sqlite.bak file while installing ff3
  • Thank you, thank you and again, thanks a lot!! I could delete the file and the repaired database works nicely,

    wish I knew some coding and help you (and myself):)

    have a nice day! --ayca
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