Sub-Collection Not Appearing Immediately

Hi All,

A colleague of mine is having an interesting problem with her collection creation. Whenever she creates a new sub-collection, it won't immediately appear. Rather, she has to the "refresh" the page, usually by toggling the parent collection. I've personally seen this when creating new folders in Windows, but have never seen it in Zotero before. Any ideas?

Many thanks,
  • Just to be clear, you're referring to the online library here? (In our standard lingo, "in Zotero" generally refers to one of the clients—Zotero for Firefox or Zotero Standalone—not the website.) If so, what OS/browser/version? It refreshes the collections section for me when I create a subcollection.
  • Apologies, I'm referring to the collections as displayed in the Zotero for Firefox client window. I haven't checked her online portal yet. She's using Firefox 22 on Windows 7 with Zotero 4.0.8. I've asked her to do a few basic diagnostics, but wanted to solicit some ideas here too.
  • OK. ("page" isn't the appropriate terminology here in that case.)

    So if this is the client, we'd need more information to be able to debug this.
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