WoS : Citing references (Times cited)


When my colleague saves a reference from WoS, Zotero collect also the citing references (indicated in "Times cited").
She works with Firefox 20 and Zotero 4.0.8 as me but I don't have the same trouble.
What can she do ?

Thank you in advance for your help !
  • Where does that information show up exactly? In which Zotero field?
  • I think this refers to a problem I had a couple of years ago when I accessed WoS through a hotel's Internet. When I used the journal article icon in the address bar, I received not one but many articles. The unexpected items were either older articles cited by the wanted article or newer articles citing the wanted article. (I don't remember which.) To be clear, I was on a page for a single article. I didn't have or click a folder icon and didn't get a dialog box with tick boxes to select records to download. Each time I downloaded an article I needed to delete several others. I couldn't reproduce the behavior when I used a different system.

    Also, I'm sure that I remember making comments in a thread about this happening when downloading a record from a publisher's site (Sage or T&F Group, I don't recall which). I tried to find the thread but was unsuccessful.
  • Oh I understand. When she hovers over the Zotero icon in the URL bar - what does it say?
  • Sorry for the late : I was waiting for my colleague's answer.
    In fact, the problem's settled, without intervention !
    Thank you for your help !
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