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The annotation toolbar takes up a lot of screen real estate. Is it possible to hide this toolbar and/or make it floating instead of docked above the Firefox tab row?
  • One more vote for the ability to hide the annotation toolbar. Perhaps a preference could be included to hide it? Or maybe could it be turned into a full-blown Firefox toolbar so one can just hide it via the View/Toolbars-menu?
  • alternatively, make an option for it to appear in the Zotero pane. it is a huge waste of an entire toolbar for only a few buttons...
  • I agree, either allowing to hide it using View/Toolbars or including it in the Zotero pane would be welcome.
    A full toolbar takes a lot of space, and nowadays with wide screen laptops vertical space is such a precious thing that it is a pity to waste it for only 4 buttons!
  • I would also like to be able to hide the toolbar--I never use it and would love the extra space.
  • Me too! I never use it.
  • To work without the toolbar:

    Locate/create your userChrome.css file for firefox and add this:

    /* Hide Zotero annotation toolbar */
    #zotero-annotate-tb {display: none;}

    That did it for me.
  • The problem with this approach is that the toolbar is permanently disabled. To enable it, you have to remove the code in the file and then restart Firefox. Therefore, it is not a solution for people wanting to use it periodically.
  • One work-around would be to use the stylish plugin, so that you could flip on/off this style as wanted.
  • I agree it would be useful to hide this toolbar. Most of my saved articles are pdf files, and the annotation features don't work with these - I use the pdf-xchange add-on.
  • another vote to allow hide/show each of the 3 panes (collections + middle + annotations). Very usefull for small screens. Also, if you open a separate firefox windows and maximize zotero, you can have two different zotero windows with different details. For instance in your main zotero you have collections and middle section while in the separate window you have the annotations.
  • I also find the highlight toolbar is very annoying. Especially when I work with PDF files, it is completely useless. I come to this thread by search. It is surprising that this problem has been left for more than a year. Looking forward an official solution but not a workaround.
  • Did I say I never use it? Hell, I'll say it again. Another vote for the ability to hide this toolbar.
  • OK, here's how you fix it, it's very easy:

    1) Install the Stylish add-on:

    2) Go to this page:
    and click "Install with Stylish", then click "Install" in the window that pops up.

    3) From now on, there will be a little silver "S" icon in the bottom right corner of your firefox window. Click this icon and you can check and uncheck the item "Zotero--turn off annotation toolbar", and when you do the annotation toolbar will immediately disappear and appear.


    Thanks markquinn and noksagt!

    Here's hoping this won't be necessary in future versions of zotero!
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    Two new suggestions (1,3) and one vote (2):

    Half of my articles are saved as snapshots, and another half as PDFs. I hope that Zotero could automatically hide the annotation toolbar *only when viewing PDFs*, not when viewing snapshots.

    Also a vote for adding annotation buttons to pre-existing toolbars (most sensibly, to the address bar), rather than adding a whole new toolbar.

    Making a keyboard shortcut for the annotation buttons (e.g. Shift+U for highlighting) will also be a good option to save space. The user would first use the buttons, and after memorizing the shortcuts, would proceed to hide the buttons and use the shortcuts instead.

    I think this issue is especially relevant for notebook users, whose display often has rather limited vertical space.
  • Echoing other posters... Too much screen real estate, really. Makes life very annoying when working on notebooks. I would like turn off the toolbar at will or place the buttons somewhere less conspicuous. Also, keyboard shortcuts would be nice. Overall, I like ohthere's suggestions.
  • ohthere's 1) has just been implemented by Dan on the trunk and will appear in the next update.
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