sync error 1262458646

Dear all,

I submitted an error report (1262458646) and was asked to post a description in zotero discussions. Here it is. I assume it is a problem of too many authors in a publication (125+), which sync does not seem to be able to handle. Is there anything I can do to help troubleshoot?
  • No, that's not the problem. It's saying that a single creator name is too long—meaning there's bad data in one of your items. Search for the creator in question and shorten it.
  • (If you do find it and are able to identify where that citation came from we'd be curious)
  • Thanks for your responses! In fact, I did have an item where >120 of the authors were squished in one creator field, but I downloaded a corrected reference and deleted the old one. Can it be that its mere presence in the trash collides with the sync process?
  • Yes. You have to empty the trash, since items in the trash sync.
  • Thanks, Dan! That worked.
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