Multilinguistic issue with Zotero Citation

I'm having an issue with the display language used by Zotero when it generates a bibliography in a word document through the integration plugin.

Precisely, I would like to know if it is possible to avoid having “and” in a bibliography show up in Japanese when I use the Zotero Integration Plug-in? (namely, “and” as “と” when there are more than one editors or translators for an entry) Whenever I'm using a system (Firefox) in Japanese, the "and" in the bibliography comes out in Japanese.

For some curious reason, this doesn’t happen when I'm using the system in English and select a reference style for German (e.g. Chicago Manual of Style (author-date, German) – a custom style). It seems to happen only when I use Firefox in Japanese and select a reference style for English (e.g. Chicago Manual of Style – the one that comes by default). Perhaps there is something about the reference styles that come by default that they are dependent on the choice of language in the system, namely on Firefox or the OS?

In other words, I am able to generate the following German reference style on an English system:
Figal, Günter und Hans-Helmuth Gander, Hrsg. 2005. „Dimensionen des Hermeneutischen“: Heidegger und Gadamer. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann.

Yet an English reference style on a Japanese system would appear in the following way (as far as I remember - I don't have a Japanese system at hand at present):
Figal, Günter, と Hans-Helmuth Gander, ed. 2005. “Dimensionen Des Hermeneutischen”: Heidegger Und Gadamer. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann.

Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to create an English bibliograhic on a Japanese system without having to manually edit it?
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