worldcat issues

Since I am working in an interdisciplinary research with a huge amount of bibliographic material of different origin, I wonder if it is possible to include ALL Worldcat metadata inside a single Zotero item. The same question is for any other similar OPAC or scientific site.
In particular my aim is to include any Reviews, Tags, Related subjects etc inside Zotero
Any help would be highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance for your kind answer.

  • depends.
    1. Zotero doesn't have custom fields, so any info that doesn't have a corresponding field would have to go into a note or so
    2. You'd likely have to customize the translator. We do import a pretty substantial share of the info from the OCLC FirstSearch version of Worldcat and most general library catalogs, though not the Open Worldcat version (which doesn't export it).
  • Many thanks
  • Please reconsider to have a fuller translator for Open Worldcat. I am noticing the subject headings are not being added to Tags, like other catalogs.
  • My understanding is that this is a limitation on Open Worldcat’s end—it just doesn’t make these data accessible in a machine readable way that Zotero could import.
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