Sharing a document with non-Zotero users

Hi all,

I am using Zotero, but need to share a the .doc with several other users. Does anybody have any experience with this? How does the bibliography appear to non-users? Also, if the other user makes changes, what happens to the bibliography?

Any suggestions would be great!
  • other people see the bibliography just as you do, so that part is no problem at all.
    Also, the only problematic scenario is passing a document back and forth between Zotero users and non-users. If you just author in Zotero and then pass it on, remove field codes and all is good.

    Passing back and forth is trickier. Ideally, other users shouldn't touch the references/bibliography, not sure what happens in those cases, I'd try it out - certainly mixing references inserted with Zotero and other that aren't will cause a bit of a mess.
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