Zotero for Chrome: change citation language

Hi everyone!
I hope someone can help me out with this problem: I use Zotero Standalone for Chrome and I want to change the citation language from english to spanish. I have searched around the forum and all i find are instructions for firefox (and a code list for chrome in which spanish is: es-ES chrome/locale/es-ES/zotero/, but i have no idea where am i supposed to paste that).

The thing is my language settings for Chrome and Zotero are currently in spanish, but the citations and bibliography are still in english (eg: Leon AND Duran 2008, instead of Leon Y Duran 2008).

What can I do?

Thank you very much
  • Note that you don't have "Zotero for Chrome" - you have Zotero Standalone, the fact that you use the Chrome connector to import doesn't affect syncing, citations etc. at all.

    Instructions for changing citation language is here:
    and includes Standalone, but note that not all citation styles are localizable - any style that's for a specific journal will be in that journal's language.
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    Thank you very much Adam for your answer.
    I just followed those instructions, step by step. And when i'm writing the citation in appears in spanish on the citation box, but when I click "enter", the citation is written in english on my text.
  • which citation style?
  • American Anthropological Association
  • yeah, that's hard-coded en-US. You'd either have to modify the style or use a different one (e.g. Chicago author-date or American Psychological Assoc. would work).
  • ok, i'll try that, thanks!
  • I switched to Chicago author-date, it worked.

    Have a nice day :)
  • Hi!
    I am having a smiliar problem. I want the citation and the bibliographic reference to be in Portuguese, but I can't seem to do that.
    I have the chrome extention (my chrome is set to portuguese) but I have no ideia where to type about:config.
    can anyone help?
  • You change the language in Zotero Standalone. about:config is accessible through the advanced tab of the preferences.
  • got it;)
    thanks a lot!
  • There is also a plugin for this: Zotero bibliography Locale Switcher, which might become handy if you have to change between different languages more often.
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