Kindle citations

I am wondering how to "trick" Zotero into citing Kindle sources more correctly without editing after the paper is done. Example:

according to:

This is how to do a Kindle source (see 17.1.10)

I can trick Zotero into inserting "Kindle Source, p. 500" by using the suffix box at the in-text footnotes, but I have not found a work around for the bibliography entry...

Any suggestions?

Last question I promise.
  • You'd have to edit the style, probably using the extra field ("note" in CSL) for the "Kindle edition" part
  • I am new to this CSL stuff... can you elaborate?
  • The basic idea is to put the type of book into the Extra field in Zotero (i.e. "Kindle edition" for Kindle books) and then include it in the citation/bibliography using
    <text variable="note"/>
    You'll have to experiment a bit for the right place - which unfortunately isn't super trivial in the CMoS style.
    We'll eventually solve this, but right now one of the problems is that citation requirements for e-books are all over the place, so there's not necessarily a good way to do this.
  • Thanks... I ended up placed towards the end of the bibliograpghy tag and it works fine.
    <text macro="access"/>
    <text variable="note"/>
  • I've found myself resorting to simply using the citation provided by Kindle itself (location and bibliographic citation in what looks to be MLA format), in spite of pretty faithful use of Zotero for any scholarly articles and hard copies.

    An implementation of the auto-lookup feature Zotero, in which you can input ISBNs, DOIs or PMIDs, would be great though, maybe doing so utilizing the ASIN codes.

    Anyway, until something like that gets implemented, the workaround above seems to work fine.
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