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I am having trouble getting Zotero to format a web source with the retruieved date. For instance:

Johnson v. California (Syllabus). , 545 U.S. 162 (U.S. Supreme Court June 13, 2005). Retrieved from http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/04-6964.ZS.html

Should be:
Johnson v. California (Syllabus).,545 U.S. 162 (U.S. Supreme Court June 13, 2005). Retrieved June 18, 2013, from http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/04-6964.ZS.html

The second listing was from exporting listing for Bibliography to Clipboard..

It appears that Zotero CSL style works with export but not by just inserting into document.

Any advise on how to fix CSL or workaround would be appreciated.
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    The APA CSL style is programmed to only add retrieved dates for webpage item types. That's in line with APA requirements.
    The above looks like maybe a legal case or so?
    edit: what's relevant is the item type in Zotero - obviously this is a legal case citation-wise.
  • It is a legal case but was retrieved from a web page and is an Item Type: Web page...
  • works for me both ways. Could you specify exactly what you're doing to get the first citation?
    Also, if you don't mind exporting it (right-click --> export selected item) to Zotero RDF (no notes&files), open the file in a text editor, select all, copy, paste it to gist.github.com, create a public gist (bottom of the page) and post the URL here.
  • Nevermind it seems to be working right now... let me use it a little while and if I have any issues I will report back.
  • A question,
    A standard Web Page Bibliography listing is:

    Johnson v. California (Syllabus).,545 U.S. 162 (U.S. Supreme Court June 13, 2005). Retrieved June 18, 2013, from http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/04-6964.ZS.html

    My current professor is under the delusion that the date retrieved from a webpage [June 18, 2013] is not a proper APA format, he is alone in that reasoning, anyhoo.

    How do you program the CSL or a Macro or something that will not grab the Data off the Webpage entry and return it. Thanks.
  • your prof isn't alone. The APA rule is to not include Retrieved Dates unless an item is likely to change often over time ( http://www.apastyle.org/learn/faqs/when-include-retrieval-date.aspx ).
    Zotero approximates this by only including retrieved dates for webpages - that's not precise, but it's the best way to approximate the rule that we have.

    One way to remove the retrieved data is to simply change the item type as I note above. If you turn this into a case it'll not include it.

    If you do want to remove all retrieved dates, simply remove these lines from the style:
    <date variable="accessed" form="text" suffix=", "/>

    See here: http://www.zotero.org/support/dev/citation_styles/style_editing_step-by-step for general instructions
  • Thanks for the tip and edited the CSL file to remove those lines of code. I could not find anything on the apastyle FAQ about images. Zotero has a link for artwork, is that the same as an image for citing purposes? Thanks.
  • generally yes, artwork should be used for images, but not guarantee that it will be correct apa style - I doubt anyone has ever checked.
  • Thanks Adam for your help.
  • Hey there!

    Im using Zotero with APA style.
    However, according to my university, they want 'accessed on xx.xx.xxx' at www.xx.com in the bibliography.
    However, I tried my best, but I did not find out how you can add this accessed on xx.xx.xxxx...

    Could you help me??
  • Do you mean that you want to add the accessed on date to all citations? As adamsmith explains above, the date will only be included for items that are Web Pages (in your Zotero database).
  • See above - we only do that for webpages. What's an example citation you're looking at?
  • That is how APA Bibliographies for Web resources are formated. This is from a paper I have written in the past with Zotero:

    Flashback:Key Quotes and Phrases that Shaped the Iraq War Debate. (n.d.). Retrieved April 29, 2013, from FoxNews.com Web site: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/08/31/flashback-key-quotes-and-phrases-shaped-iraq-war-debate

    You need to make sure you have the access date entered in the Zotero info tab and it should format properly.

    Hope I am understanding you correctly.
  • Yeah I checked all of this, but unfortunately, it does not appear in my bibliography.
    I put the date under: Heruntergeladen am (Accessed on) but it still doesnt show it for my web sources in the bibliography...

    I wonder if I use the wrong source form... However, there is no particular form for web page. Therefore, I normally use eg. report or newspaper article and add the access date and it still doesnt appear.

    Im really sorry, but all this computer things are a huuuuge riddle for me :)!!
  • OH MY GOD!
    I just found it out. Oh Godddd!! Thats really embarrassing!
    Sorry for bothering you :)!!
  • There is a form for a Web Item but it seems to be cut off from list.

    If you are using Chrome web browser and have plugin installed, right click web page and select save to zotero.
  • There is a form for a Web Item but it seems to be cut off from list.
    It's not supposed to be in the New Item menu. In almost all cases, you should use right-click -> save with Standalone or Create Web Page Item from Current Page in Zotero for Firefox. But in a future version we'll be adding it to the New Item menu with guidance not to use it.

    Many more details than you want on this: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/22041/1/what-type-for-a-web-site/#Item_13 and beyond
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    The nature of my academic work means that I often cite TV series and forum threads. Is there a quick change I can make in Zotero for it to include the dates in the format of say 2010-2015; 2011, 2012; or 2008- if the series is still in its original run?
  • No, sorry, date ranges currently don't work. It's obviously something that's on the radar and planned in general, but may still take a good amount of time before it's implemented -- honestly not sure.
  • A workaround for date ranges is to leave the ‘Date’ field empty and to use an EDTF date or date range, e.g., {:issued:2014-09-26/2015-12-13} in the ‘Extra’ field; citeproc-js can parse this.
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