new item type: persons and corporations

Hi all,

I suggest a new Item-Type: persons and corporations with the possibility to entry names and addresses as well as comments (notes) and relate them with literatur or website-snapshots.

This would be great while organizing projects like conferences and using zotero as a scientific contact-manager.

Is it possible to create something like that as an extention?

  • Good idea, I think. It would be even nicer if Zotero (or a Zotero-plugin) would offer the 'option' to automatically generate an own 'person and corporation'-entry every time you insert a name into an author- or editor-field. One could then enrich the entries manually (e.g. by email-addresses). This should only be an option, since it might not always be desirable to include all person/corporation names.
  • I'd love to be able to associate my list of potential interviewees to their eventual interviews this way. Right now, they're saved as stand-along notes, and I add the appropriate entry after I've done the interview, but I think it would make for easier sorting to have them all listed as persons, rather than as notes.
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