Strange autocomplete behavior on web access to My Library

I edit an item to add a new tag.
So I push 'Add tag' and start typing for example 'qu' in the tag field. Correctly a list containing for example 'quantum' and 'quote' appears. Now, if I click with the mouse on 'quote' the current tag field remains with my 'qu' string and a new, empty field is added. The same happens if I enter 'quo' so the popup list contains only 'quote' and I mouse-click on 'quote'.
All the above does not happen instead if I select the entry from the popup using arrows and confirming with enter.
I'm working on Windows 7 64bits with Firefox 21.0 .
Note that this behavior is really annoying if you access My Library from a smartphone in which usually there are no arrow keys.
Thanks for looking!
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