Colour Tag system

Hi all,
I think I found a bug with the colour TAG system:

I defined a tag named "TO READ", set colour "blue" and priority "1". If i delete that tag from all items in the collection, I am still able to tag any other item just selecting it and pressing "1". If I delete that tag from all items, I close Zotero standalone and open it again, I am not able to add that Tag just pressing "1" anymore. What I have to do is go on "Tag" tab, click on "add" button, insert the tag (that is not recognized anymore by the system, I mean it looks like a completely new tag because the system is not going to suggest me that word). The strange stuff is: I am always able to see that tag in the bottom left windows, under "tags".

Zotero standalone 4.0.8
Windows 7 ultimate

Thank you


UPDATE: I just double check. I create a normal tag (no colour) for an item... I deleted it and close Zotero. I opened it again and I was NOT ABLE to SEE that tag in the list at the bottom left. So it looks looks like there is a temporary memory for tags deleted.
However, the coloured tag after closing zotero REMAINS in the list at the bottom window, but it is not recognized anymore.

I never noticed that before because usually at least 1 item kept the tag. I wanted to use this new colour system for tagging "temporarily" like: "i want to read these items today... tomorrow they will not be relevant anymore... so in this my case could happen to stay without a particular tag like "TO READ" or "IMPORTANT" assigned for a while." Is there a way to keep them in memory although they are not used?

Thank you
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