Lexis Nexis not working

Using Fireforx 3 and zotero 1.0.4 - I can't get either a whole page of lexis nexis data nor can i follow the linke to an item and grab that single item. I just don't see either the manilla folder icon nor the single page item.

  • I too can't get Lexis to work, no sign of the icon thanks!
  • Nexis (i.e. http://w3.nexis.com/new/...) does not work either, Firefox 3 + zotero 1.0.4
  • Any idea how to fix or at least debug? Help?
  • Hello,

    I don't have any Zotero icon either in the address bar of Lexis Nexis. Access to Lexis Nexis is provided by my company. Help!!


    Thank you very much in advance. And thanks a lot for the amazing work you are doing in developing this fantastic tool.
  • Hello Catherine,

    Thank you for pointing this out. A fix for your problem should be available shortly.
  • Thank you very much! I am waiting in hope!
  • Hello Hello

    I am a research analyst for a labor union. I have been trying to work with lexis for the past few days. In terms of which lexis I am using, I am assuming it is the most general of them all. It says lexis nexis, total research system on the header.

    I have installed zotero. No icons are made available to me in the URL field so that I can save articles from lexis. When I try to save the page manually via the interface at the bottom of the page, it simply saves my search terms in the title section and nothing else.

    I have the latest version of both firefox and zotero.

    Thanks very much
  • @katherine13: I am an instructor in an overseas law faculty, where we are planning to deploy Zotero for use by overseas Masters students from April. Lexis support is one of our requirements, and I'm doing some work on this.

    In our Uni we have two Lexis subscriptions. One is a site license for a general information service, with which I'm not yet familiar. I think this is the target of the LexisNexis translator that is currently bundled with Zotero. What we'll need, and what I think you're looking at, is the legal research area (Lexis TRS), for which our faculty has a separate subscription.

    The good news is that I have a working translator for the U.S. & Canadian Law Reviews, Combined area, which seems pretty robust. There is some slightly less good news. First, the translator works only for individual pages; you can't (yet) grab a list of search hits, you have to visit each individual document. (This may come eventually, but I'm planning to extend the translator to cover the law case areas before working on menu selection.) Second, the code for this translator is not yet available in mainstream Zotero. (This too will come eventually, it's just a matter of priorities and pressures on developer time.)

    Depending on how comfortable you are with the "higher math" of Firefox, you could try out the translator by running our local version of Zotero, which has the translator bundled in. There are some important caveats: our version makes changes to the Zotero database that break "Zotero Sync" synchronization; it adds non-standard database fields to several of the item types; and it uses a non-standard version of the CSL formatting language to implement Bluebook support. For those reasons, if you try our version out, you should run it in a separate Firefox profile, to insulate it from your main Zotero database. This is experimental stuff, and I won't be responsible if your system melts down, et cetera. If you're comfortable with that, you can find the product here:


    If you do try this out and find that the translator works for your needs, give the developers a little nudge, to see if we can get it bundled into Zotero main; the translator itself doesn't require any of the weird and wonderful extensions that I have hacked in for other purposes, so it could be rolled out if the code passes muster.

    (On the technical side, the Lexis TRS pages are an interesting little nightmare zone for screen scrapers, which is one reason translator support is slow in coming. The Lexis service predates HTML and the Internet, and their data "format" is a loosely visual arrangement of plain text; there are next to no hints in there about what constitutes the title, for example. Lots of fun.)
  • @katherine13: Alternatively, if you are running Zotero Sync 1.5, I can send you a file that you can add to Zotero to get the translator working in your existing setup. Let me know if you would like to do that. There is a mail contact at the bottom of the page linked above.
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