Can't open "zotero.sqlite" when set to read-only


I collaborate with my students over a svn repository. I use intensively the lock system of Subversion with svn:needs-lock set on almost all files (we are not programmers, so we don't have the competence to manage files and tree conflicts and most files are not text files anyway but pdf, docx, etc.).

I try to integrate a reference system for all my projects in the repository, so that all collaborators have access to the same reference database. I know, there is Zotero Groups, but I want something more. I want to keep track of all the changers made to the PDF and others files attached to the references. When we work on a project, we annotate those files. I want to keep a history those annotations, which is what Subversion does essentially.

So, svn:needs-lock is set on "zotero.sqlite", which means that the file is set to read-only, at least on Windows.

But we can't open "zotero.sqlite" when set to read-only, which is bad in my case. If someone lock the file to work on the references database, other peoples can't open it just to look those references !!

So, is there a way to open "zotero.sqlite" if it is set to read-only ? If not, can this be a feature request ?

Thanks a lot,

Fran├žois Maurice
  • No, Zotero needs write access to the database to function. I think read-only access has been requested once or twice (for backup reasons), but it's not a priority and unlikely to happen anytime soon (if ever).
  • As an alternative, though, you could use a joint Zotero account (rather than a group) and use Zotfile to move all attached files into the SVN-synced directory. Using the now available relative link file-paths, you should be able to have those links working on all computers. So people would sync the sqlite with the Zotero server (and for the sqlite the version control wouldn't do much for you anyway), but you'd have all file attachments in subversion.

    Links don't work for groups, though, so you'd have to go the route of a shared individual Zotero account.
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