Attachment Indicator

Although the blue dot attachment indicator is a great idea, what I'd really like to use it for is to know if I have a copy of the reference, rather than just any attachment. But since almost every item that is imported from a browser contains a snapshot of the page, it's not really useful for much. I have a few ideas which would make the feature a bit more flexible:

1. The ability to specify file extensions which don't count as an attachment. That way, htm and html files could be excluded. The drawback to this approach is that snapshots couldn't be distinguished from actual webpages which are resources.
2. The ability to filter out Files titled "Snapshot" from the indicator. This seems the easiest approach, but also the most limited.
3. Some way to specify the type of attachment, such as metadata, copy of the reference, associated data, etc. The blue dot could then be customized with these. This would be the most comprehensive, but probably involves the most programming and may not have any practical application beyond this (admittedly minor) issue.

Don't get me wrong -- I love the snapshot feature of Zotero and want to keep the snapshots. I just wish there was a way to exclude them from being counted as attachments for purposes of the indicator.
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