BibBase plugin

I created a Zotero plugin that lets you use any Zotero library, collection, or group with BibBase. BibBase is mainly intended (and used) for listing publications on one's web page. Normally this list is rendered from Bibtex, but now it is even easier as people will be able to use Zotero to maintain their publications list.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

BTW, the limit of 100 for format=bibtex is a bit awkward.
  • Hi Christian, I see not be able to add a Zotero group. Can you help?
  • Hi bbolzano,

    Can you explain what you mean by that? Add to what? Have you already created the group on Zotero? If so, then just click on the "Zotero plugin" link once more and you should get links bibbase renderings for all your groups.

    -- Christian
  • Hi Christian,
    Bibbase is great!

    I had a similar problem, however when giving bibbase the reading permissions for groups than it works.

    is there a way to display only specific collections from group libraries?
    it seems that this option is only available for the private library?

    or is there a work-around?

    thanks again for the great work!

  • Hi Nicolas - I am looking for a way to display a collection from a group library as well. Did you ever figure out a way to do this?
  • no, never did. in the end I used a completely different solution. (tex export and ruby script)
  • hello, is this plugin planned to be adapted for the new Zotero? That would be great! Thanks for the work, Florian
  • I would recommend just using the BetterBibTeX plugin with the normal BibBase. BetterBibTeX can keep a .bib file updated with a library or collection.
  • I just can't get the BibBase embedded on my website. I've made sure to follow the documentation, and it still doesn't work.
    The library via BibBase is here
    I've embedded the Javascript, and had no result (blank page).
    What could be the cause?
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