Non-zotero files OK in storage dir?

Is Zotero always likely to just ignore any extra files I put in its 'storage' directory?

I ask because I've started using Xournal to annotate pdfs. It produces annotation-metadata files, and the most convenient thing for me seems to be to put those in the same place as the original pdf. I'd just like to know that I'm not likely to cause any future problems doing this.
  • If by "in its 'storage' directory" you mean "in the individual item subdirectories of the 'storage' directory," then yes, Zotero will likely continue to ignore other files in those directories. I can't guarantee that we won't change the format of the storage directory in the future, but we have no current plans to do so (beyond using a longer, persistent, secondary lookup key rather than item ids for the directory names in Zotero 1.5, which will sometimes need to change item ids to do syncing).
  • Yes, I meant putting extra items in item subdirectories: specifically, a Xournal metadata file per pdf.

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