Problem importing Endnote Refman RIS files without PDFS

I have imported large EndNote libraries with PDFs several times. I found two old libraries with about 50 citations each, without any PDFs, but citations and notes.

As others have reported recently, when I import from Zotero (with sync turned off), Standalone hangs for hours and hours, and never successfully imports the file. I checked to update translators and made sure EN 6 had the lasted Refman style.
  • Could you post one of the RIS files somewhere to share with us? Something like Dropbox would be ideal. Otherwise, you can copy paste it to
  • I believe I was able to reproduce the error. It's a known issue to which we do not currently have a good solution.
    You can try minimizing the tag pane (bottom left) until it's no longer visible and see if that helps.

    I'll continue looking into this.
  • I have exactly the same pb as Megan. I have a big library in which I have imported more than 16.000 refs (you can see them into the BibPreRec group) from Endnote, and now, Zotero Standalone always crash when I want to continue my ipmorts (tne EN original library contains arround 70.000 ref…). I've tried to minimize the tag panel, whitout any success… If you have another idea !
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