Problem with „and” term in Romanian


There is a problem with "and" term for Romanian language: when it comes between two translators, blank spaces before and after "și" (this is the Romanian translation for "and") dissapear.

For example, I obtain:
Martin Heidegger, „Scrisoare despre «umanism»”, trad. Thomas KleiningerșiGabriel Liiceanu (București: Ed. Politică, 1988), 33.
It must be:
… trad. Thomas Kleininger și Gabriel Liiceanu …

When I change locale to en-US, the term "and" is ok.
The problem appears probably with all styles (I tested for Chicago and inter-ro.csl) and I suppose is because of Romanian letter ș (s with comma bellow U+0219).
If the ș letter is changed in locale-ro-RO.xml file with the old and incorrect Romanian ş (from Windows 95, 98, 2000, s with cedilla bellow U+015F), everything works fine. But this is incorrect for contemporary Romanian language and modern OSs have the correct ș (with comma bellow U+0219).

This problem is older, but because I came back from EndNote (thanks to odfscan!) I wanted to ask you for a solution.

I use Zotero standalone 4.0.8, on OS X Mountain Lion.

  • confirmed.
    @fbennett will need to take a look at that one. Looks like a weird processor issue. Haven't seen him around for a while, so this may take a little.
  • Sorry about that -- the processor was missing that character in a pattern match. Try installing the patch plugin and see if that does better.
  • I installed patch plugin and it doesn't work…
  • the patch plugin only works for Zotero for Firefox.
    That said @fbennett - doesn't fix it for me with in Firefox with Zotero 4.0.8 either.
  • There was an error in the installer. Sorry about that. It should work now, in both Firefox and Standalone.

    I've tested the fix. If the patch plugin installs the processor, it will definitely fix the spacing problem.
  • It doesn't work with Zotero Processor Gadged 1.0.107, and LibreOffice...
  • Try now. The patch plugin may work only with Zotero for Firefox (I'm not sure).

    The processor itself is working fine with the Romanian s + hanging comma character.

    (The problem was that the patch plugin was not loading correctly with a fancier load method that I introduced a few versions ago. I've abandoned the new load method, and tested through to the word processor. With the old load method, it is likely to not work with Standalone.)
  • Yes, it works with Zotero for Firefox.
    When will it be ok with Standalone Zotero?
  • this should now work in Zotero Standalone 4.0.9
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