option to not include URLs for all type of references

Currently, there is an option in zotero (LO or Word plugin) to not include URLs in the bibliography for journal references.
It would be very useful to provide this option for all type of references (books, etc.)
  • The option is not to remove URLs for journal articles, but to remove them for any item with a page range (which would also include book chapters, magazine articles, and newspaper articles).

    Whether URLs are included for books etc. is determined by the citation style. In general, book item types should not have URLs unless they are e-books retrieved from the web (in which case they should be cited with URL in many styles).
    If you get URLs for book records via a Zotero translator from a specific site we can look at the import if you provide a URL.
  • Strange, I desactivated the URL option for item with page range, but I still get this one (this is a book chapter):

    Blayo, E. and Debreu, L.: Nesting ocean models, in Ocean Weather Forecasting, pp. 127–146, Springer. [online] Available from: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/1-4020-4028-8_5 (Accessed 24 May 2013), 2006.

    The citation style is "Climate of the Past".
    The citation has been imported from scholar.google.com
  • By the way, it is strange to have this URL option for references including page ranges, and to let the citation style decide for the rest. This seems like inconsistent.
  • you're right - URLs aren't ommitted for book chapters. We should likely reconsider that as more book chapters come online. Simon, Aurimas, thoughts?
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