Style request: DIN 1505-2 numeric, german with alphabetical order


I am new to Zotero and wanted to use the citation style "DIN 1505-2 numeric, german".
Sadly this style doesn't put the citations in alphabetical order at the end. Is there a way to fix change this?

Thank you for your help.
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  • Is this a style requirement, or is alphabetical sorting in the bibliography a personal preference?
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    Dear fbennett,
    Alphabetical sorting is necessary according to specifications. Personally, I would be fine with numerical ordering. Is there an easy way to implent alphabetical ordering in that style?

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  • CSL can certainly do alphabetic sorting in a numeric style. The specification contains an example of the necessary CSL code:

    Instructions for modifying a style are here:

    Is this a requirement for all DIN 1505-2 styles, or is it a local variant? I don't read German, unfortunately, and from the documentation links in the style I can't tell what the sorting requirements are for a numeric style.

    If it's a core requirement of DIN 1505-2, we can modify the existing style and update it in the repository. If it's a special requirement of your own (local) specification, we would want to know what institution or journal requires this form, so that it can be correctly labeled and documented in the CSL repository.
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    I went to see the standard, and as is stated on page 13: something like "if alphabetical sorting of the bibliography is chosen then the sequential number or the abbreviated designation [i.e. label] can be omitted."
    This is the only statement I found about sorting there, so I would say that one can do it, but its not a requirement.
    But nevertheless it makes sense, and someone else requested this some months ago, so its not that unpopular.
    Maybe we add another variant of the style, alike 'numbered, alphabetically'?


    and the bibtex styles here:
    also offer both variants:
    - unsrtdin.bst - numbered, unsorted
    - plaindin.bst - numbered, sorted by names
  • An alphabetically sorting version of the style is now up. It will appear on the style repository within 30mins.. (See here if you need instructions for installing styles in standalone.)

    Any problems please let us know.
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