citing an already cited reference

When you want to cite an already cited reference in a LO document, zotero propose to select either the already cited reference or the original reference in the database.
Does this choice has consequences?
Why proposing this choice? It would make the reference list easier to read if there were only database references listed.
  • a number of reasons - e.g. if you're co-authoring, you may not have the item in your database and you'd definitely want to use the already cited one. Or you may want to make sure to cite the right version of an item when working with groups (several of which could hold a copy). Also, it may help you to find the ref you want more quickly. If you do have duplicates in your library it helps you to prevent citing those.
    If you only have a single such item and are the only author of a paper then no, it doesn't make a difference.
  • This is probably related to your question from your other forum post.
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