FF3 RC1 crash

I am loving Firefox 3, and Zotero 1.0.4 even better. However, today is the first day that I am extensively working with my database again, and I have to say that FF3 crashes rather frequently. It's a bit difficult to reproduce the steps, as the things I was doing each time the browser crashed were just normal things, e.g. adding an author, typing notes, changing something or the other.

This is the report ID I got after the last FF crash: 876708328

PS: Also the Zotero shortcut to open/close (Cmd+Shift+Z) appears to work erratically on Mac OSX Leopard.
  • The keyboard shortcut cmd-shift-z to open/close Zotero will only work if you are not in a text field that supports undo/redo typing (e.g. text box, Firefox address bar, etc.). We don't want to interfere with system-wide functionality here.
  • Just had a series of crashes of FF3 (and Zotero 1.0.6) when attempting to add a library item from Sage Journals database.
    The last item that crashed FF3 and Zotero was
    Keulartz, J., Schermer, M., Korthals, M., & Swierstra, T. (2004). Ethics in Technological Culture: A Programmatic Proposal for a Pragmatist Approach. Science Technology Human Values, 29(1), 3-29. doi: 10.1177/0162243903259188.
    All I have done on the last two occasions is click the icon in the address bar.
    Fire Fox crashes so comprehensively it does not even return to the helpful little "your last session closed unexpectedly" and Zotero, bless its sox, manages to capture the item in the nanosecond before the crash, but does not report any errors (error report line grayed out in "actions' menu)
    The crash leaves behind a sort of denuded acrobat page and the Firefox button on the taskbar, but nothing else.
  • Julia: Fixed in the latest dev build, thanks.
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