Notes being over written--another case

Wow, this is a nasty critter. (My problem sounds the same, so I posted here. Feel free to move it, or ask me to start a new thread if need be.)

I also saw this thread;

I'll try and recreate what happened, but it happened so fast.

I've been working with Z (current v. 4.0.8) for hours a day for the last couple of weeks with no problems.


I clicked on a blank note...nothing there. (No surprise). There were two attached to this item, so I deleted them.

Then I clicked on another note (same item) and it did _not_ open. I suspect I clicked around (more notes on that item...didn't open. I think i click on a note in another item, and suddenly the notes started being overwritten. I think by the note from another item.

(Meanwhile at some point I had restored the 2 empty notes from the trash).

At times it seemed like it happened one note at a time, then all of a sudden _all_ the notes in the original item were overwritten...en masse.

About this time I panicked and closed out Z (FF version) without running an error report. I opened up ZSA to see what it looked like there. It showed up as overwritten. The Web version was also overwritten (Dang sync feature :)...I proceeded to turn it off).

I don't remember if I messed around with ZSA or not to see if there was a problem. But I did submit an Error Report ID: 1991793694. I'm not sure if that will show anything or not.

I left that machine (lap top) and went into the PC, which I don't really use for Z, but I have it synced, but rarely opened and not auto synced.

Anyhow, the Item in question was as it should be (hadn't synced)...
but when I click on a note, it would not open!

I clicked on a note from the following problem. I then click back on a note in the problematic item, and bam...overwriting started. Here is the Report ID before closing and restarting. Report ID: 229306897.

Now I'm posting here, and a tad apprehensive about returning to work!

I'm sure the the above read is a bit confusing. Feel free to ask for more info.
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