word processor plugin usability suggestion+bug

My suggestion is to merge the "insert citation" and "edit citation" button in the word processor plugin.

I often end up clicking on the insert button when I want to add another citation to an existing citation. I would find it much more intuitive if there was only one "insert/edit citation" button that inserts a new citation if there is none at the position of the cursor and edits the citation if the cursor is within a citation. I can't find a good reason for the current behavior.

Alternatively, I would suggest that if there is already a citation at the position of the cursor and one clicks on "add citation" it should simply open the citation editor for the existing citation.

Thanks for considering this.

By the way, in Word 2013, in such a situation, the plugin produces an error after the nag box that asks me whether I really want to replace the citation: "field.setCode is not a function"
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