Preferences panel doesn't fit on screen

With OS X 10.8 (Dock medium sized, at the bottom, and showing), a screen resolution of 1280x800, and Zotero for Firefox 4.0.8, the bottom two checkboxes in the General tab of the preferences are cut off. When I hide the Dock I can extend the panel a little further and then they're just barely shown. This might not even be possible on the current 11" MacBook Air, which is only 1366x768.
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    Nobody else has this issue on OS X on laptop displays? I still have the same issue on my 13" Retina display, and I don't even have the dock maximized in size:

    And for some reason, after I select the "General" tab, the other preference tabs get reduced in size as well, even though they would fit on the screen, and even if I previously resized them.
  • Some related discussion and patch here: Though at this point it probably needs a bit of rebasing
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